Smart Hands

Expert Remote Management Assistance

CyrusOne’s highly trained and experienced data center technicians can handle a wide range of remote management and troubleshooting tasks.

Experienced Technicians Provide Smart Hands Support

Trained and capable technicians can provide:

  1. Troubleshooting – Eliminate the need for onsite eyes and hands to examine your equipment
  2. Device Support – When it comes to comprehensive device support services, your organization can benefit from:
    • Rack and Unrack
    • Hot Part Replacement
    • Power Cycling (Reboot)
  3. Tape Handling
  4. Rack, Cabinet, and Cage Management
  5. Power Monitoring
  6. Shipping and Receiving.

Network Services – Connectivity

Easily configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers to achieve optimal fit and low-cost interconnection using one or more of these setups:

  1. Internet Connectivity – IP Bandwidth includes high availability multi-carrier infrastructure platform service with 24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting. It also includes utilization reporting.
  2. Site-to-site Interconnection – Interconnect includes high availability site-to-site interconnect IP service for disaster recovery for hot/warm site, 24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting, and utilization reporting.
  3. CyrusOne National IX (Internet Exchange) – IP Bandwidth & Interconnect includes high availability IX combined with site-to-site interconnected IP service, high availability multi-carrier infrastructure platform service, and 24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting, including utilization reporting.

This connectivity-rich environment offers you greater flexibility, choice, affordability, network resilience, and speed to market.

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