Enterprise Data Center

An Enterprise Data Center consists of multiple data centers, each with a duty of sustaining key functions. These data centers can be classified into three types: internet, extranet, and intranet.

Server Farm

The internet data center supports the servers and devices necessary for e-commerce web applications in the enterprise data center network.  In some instances, internet servers are completely isolated from the rest of the network at the physical level.  This means that these servers are directly connected to the intranet data center by a separate set of non-routable links with no physical path available to any other part of the network.

The extranet data center provides support for business-to-business transactions in the enterprise data center network. These services are generally accessed over secure VPN connections or private WAN links.

The intranet data center holds the applications and services in an enterprise data center network, which often support functions for manufacturing, marketing, HR, research and development, payroll, and other core business functions.

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