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CyrusOne Connects – Ep 2 The Sustainability Imperative: Will Fusion Power Save the Data Center

February 13, 2023

Like many corporations worldwide, CyrusOne is committed to procure 100% green energy worldwide by 2030 as part of its pledge to become carbon neutral. There are many elements that encompass a corporation’s’ sustainability strategy which requires ongoing investment, flexibility and commitment.

In episode two we are thrilled to introduce Dr. David Kingham, a trained theoretical physicist and Executive Vice Chairman at Tokamak Energy, along with Tom Kingham, Director of Solutions Engineering at CyrusOne, to the podcast.

Guided by our Host, Matthew Pullen, EVP & MD Europe at CyrusOne, we explore how Tokamak Energy is leading the race against time to replace worldwide reliance on fossil fuels by developing technology capable of recreating the energy that powers the sun, and in doing so create the world’s ultimate sustainable source of energy – FUSION. We seek to demystify the science and explain what needs to happen to make fusion energy a globally available and secure resource for the world’s energy needs.

With Tom, we go on to discuss and relate the impact and importance of fusion for the data center industry and what it needs to do to ensure widespread adoption and answer the ultimate question, ‘Is fusion the only true sustainable energy solution for the data center industry?’

We hope you enjoy this inspiring discussion with our guests today and thank you for listening. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.

David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman, Tokamak Energy Ltd
Tom Kingham, Director, Engineering Solutions, CyrusOne

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