Lightower Fiber Networks

Lightower Fiber Networks is the premier all-fiber provider of custom, high-capacity network services that ensure optimal application and business performance. From Wavelengths, Video Transport, and Dark Fiber to Ethernet and Internet Access, Lightower Fiber Networks delivers bandwidth and access where it is needed throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Chicago Metro with connectivity to critical landing points internationally.

Overview of Lightower Fiber Networks:

  • Headquarters: Boxborough, MA
  • 7,500+ service locations
  • 20,000+ route miles
  • 130 connected data centers
  • 40+ connected financial exchanges
  • 18 Lightower colocation centers
  • 15 carrier hotels & central offices
  • 20 years of experience in fiber


Services Sold at Lightower:

  • Ethernet
  • Wavelength
  • Dark Fiber
  • Internet Access
  • Video Transport
  • Managed Private Optical Networks
  • Colocation
  • Long Haul


Key Differentiators of Lightower Fiber Networks:

Because we own and operate our all-fiber network, Lightower can build customized and unique solutions to serve the needs of the enterprise, government, data center, and carrier markets.


Lightower’s Unique & Diverse Network:

  • Connected to financial exchanges, data centers, stadiums, media & content hubs, carrier exchange points, wireless towers, enterprise locations, and more.
  • Lightower has 7,500 service locations with more than 20,000 route miles
  • Fiber assets in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Chicago Metro as well as landing stations internationally
  • Our Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network delivers the lowest latency routes between critical exchanges and data centers in NY, NJ, and Chicago
  • Lightower offers 6 diverse routes connecting the New York Metro (NY/NJ) with New England providing the option to bypass New York City
  • At Lightower Fiber Networks we utilize 16 different river crossing and two unique utility conduits throughout the New York Metro Area


High Reliability:

  • Lightower owns & operates our all-fiber network
  • We pride ourselves on providing the one-to-one experience that our customers want and deserve
  • Besides operating a dense fiber network in Chicago, Lightower provides the lowest latency route between Chicago and Aurora, IL and diversely connects those two locations to the region’s largest data center hub in Elk Grove Village, IL


Custom Solutions:

  • No cookie-cutter solutions or over-subscription bottlenecks
  • Lightower’s sales, engineering, and operations teams understand the importance of your applications to the success of your business
  • Our field operations and engineering teams are the best-in-the-business at connecting facilities with efficiency, diversity, and speed
  • Lightower operates two physically diverse Network Operations Centers; our facilities and personnel are dedicated to the uptime of the network and customers have direct NOC access through our toll-free number


Ideal Customer Profile for Lightower Fiber Networks:

  • Lightower serves multiple verticals – health, financial, media, hi-tech, etc.
  • Customers with bandwidth looking for solid network performance – high up time
  • Mission critical applications that require high bandwidth
  • Fortune 1000 enterprises


Qualifying and technical questions

  • Where are you located today? Where are your offices located?
  • Who are you using today for fiber and IT?
  • What are your networks needs today? What is your anticipated growth? Largest headache?
  • What redundancies do you have in place today? What do you want to have in place? How critical is diversity to your business?




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