Quincy Data Center

Quincy, Washington

Washington’s Largest Greenfield Built Data Center

Whether it’s a unique building project or a custom match of space to needs, the CyrusOne Solutions project team can save you time, money and distractions with
flexible, future-proofed and customized data center options. CyrusOne’s experienced team of data center design, development and operations professionals have built dozens of the world’s most innovative and efficient data centers. CyrusOne Solutions puts this experience to work for you to develop the best large-scale solutions for your growing business.

The DC building can be nearly 930,000 square feet with 720,000 colocation square feet with up to 120,000 square feet for class A office space.

D Street
Quincy, WA 98848
Phone: 855-564-3198
Enhanced Services: (888) 467-8981

45 acre parcel located 160 miles east of Seattle

  • Low total cost of ownership due to below average utility rates, at 2.5 cent/ kWh vs. 10.4 cent /kWh nationally
  • Valuable data center sales tax exemption for tenants
  • Reduced carbon footprint from 100% renewable power (hydropower)
  • Excellent fiber routes including metro and long haul networks
  • Low risk of natural disasters. Seismic site class C


The CyrusOne location in Quincy, Washington State.

  • Located on a 45 acre parcel of land
  • Low utility rates
  • Sales tax exemption
  • Renewable power
  • Low risk of natural disasters.

With plenty of land for build-to-suit options at this site, CyrusOne offers multiple products as part of its CyrusOne Solutions product set, including:

Greenfield Builds
From greenfield to completion, the CyrusOne project teams works hand in hand with your team to plan, design, permit and construct your data center to your exact specifications – on time and on budget.

Powered Shells
CyrusOne offers powered shells to provide you with a fast time to market option for your IT environment. Fully redundant support systems, scalable power levels, connectivity options, and class A office space are available within your powered shell.

Full and Half Data Halls with 30,000 to 60,000+ Square feet of Colocation Space
CyrusOne helps you to assess your unique infrastructure requirements to ensure your IT environment is equipped with the right power, cooling, and connectivity to match various application needs.

Additional Specifications

Served by substation fed by 240kv transmission lines


Nearest airports

  • Pangborn Memorial Airport- West Wentachee ~27 miles
  • Seattle International Airport ~116 miles

Various restaurants and recreational activities in the area.                          

The Nation’s First National Internet Exchange

With CyrusOne’s National IX, customers can configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers, allowing optimal flexibility and interconnection with anyone at any connected facility and to the cloud.

As part of CyrusOne’s National IX platform, this Quincy data center provides interconnection to other CyrusOne data centers.

Quincy – Highlights

  • Sustainability

Photo of trees and building with Change The Course logo.

  • Regional Water Stress: The Quincy area currently faces low water stress, which is projected to continue in the future. Unlike many other data centers, CyrusOne’s Quincy campus will not use water for cooling and is therefore insulated from this regional water risk, both current and future.
  • Water Stress and Use Now 2030 Projection 2040 Projection
    Regional Water Stress Low Low Low
    CyrusOne Use Zero Consumption Zero Consumption Zero Consumption

    (Risk assessment and projections based on WRI Aqueduct Tool)

  • Regional Grid Greenhouse Gases: How much greenhouse gas does this facility’s local electrical grid emit while generating electricity?  (Useful for Location-based greenhouse gas reporting)
  • Greenhouse Gases 2004 2007 2012 2016 2018
    MTCO2/MWh 0.418 0.390 0.302 0.295 0.290

    The carbon-intensity of the grid has improved about 2.3% points per year over the last 14 years of published data.  Reported by the US EPA eGRID for the WECC Northwest subregion (NWPP).

  • Regional Grid Renewables: What percentage of this facility’s local electrical grid is from renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and geothermal)?
  • Grid Renewables 2004 2007 2012 2016 2018
    Percent from renewable sources 51.0% 51.7% 61.0% 58.3% 59.1%

    This has been increasing about 0.6% points per year over the last 14 years of published data.  Based on US EPA eGRID data for the WECC Northwest subregion (NWPP).

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