Sterling Colocation Site & Data Campus IV


Leading-Edge Data Center Convenient Located in the Sterling Campus

Located at 511 Shaw Road, CyrusOne’s 130,000 square feet data center built on a 10 acre lot. Designed to CyrusOne’s power, cooling, and security standards, the facility offers up to 12.6 Megawatts (MW) of power.

The facility is about 5 miles away from Dulles International airport and 4 miles from CyrusOne Sterling facility.

The Sterling building will feature robust connectivity options with high bandwidth and high-availability circuits, and a number of metro and long-haul networks. The facility will be well suited for Fortune 1000 companies that require robust data center infrastructure for mission-critical applications and want to locate in an area that is generally free from natural disasters.

No detail was overlooked in designing and building a data center that meets the needs of today’s global businesses. Key capabilities include:

  • High-density configuration.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery. Expansive office or work area recovery space is customizable to meet unique requirements of our clients for dedicated office suites linked to critical IT operations.
  • Mission-critical data center. The data center’s infrastructure combines multiple levels of technology and security, resulting in no single point of failure. The location is ideal for primary production systems backup and the synchronous data replication requirements of mission-critical applications.

22811 International Drive, Sterling, VA 20116
Phone: 855-564-3198

Sterling IV – Highlights

  • Overview
  • Fire Protection

  • 128,715 square feet
  • 12.6 MW power
  • CCTV Camera System 24×7
  • Biometric & Photo Badge Access
  • Excellent Fiber Connectivity
  • Seismic Zone 1
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system;sampling air in parts per million coupled with a zonal dual-action interlocking dry-pipe pre-action system