Stockley Park business estate

London III

CyrusOne London IIl is a brand new purpose built state-of-the art data center offering cloud providers, systems integrators and multinational corporations customised, secure and resilient data center solutions within a key business hub.

Strategically located in Slough, one of the UK’s premier data centre locations, the facility will ultimately deliver 3,670 sq m (39,504 sq ft) of world-class technical space with an IT load of 9 MW, with each data suite customised to individual client specifications.

CyrusOne Data Center
700 Stirling Road, Slough
United Kingdom

London III – Highlights

  • Overview
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Fire Protection
  • Compliance


  • 3,670 sq m (39,504 sq ft) of technical space within one building on two floors
  • 9 MW IT load to the facility
  • Highly resilient, concurrently maintainable power and cooling to Tier III
  • Dedicated electrical plant to each floor
  • Ultra-low PUE through the use of Indirect Adiabatic Air Cooling
  • 1,400 mm return air plenum with 3,400 mm clear height in the data hall
  • Active / Active dual redundant power supplies of 15 MVA
  • Carrier neutrality and diverse fibre connectivity to active A+B Meet Me Rooms from multiple providers
  • Secure managed delivery bay with 3 tonne goods lift
  • Multi-layer industry leading levels of physical and electronic security with 24/7 year round onsite support

  •  N+1 Indirect Adiabatic Air Cooled solution as standard
  • Ultra-low PUE due to cooling solution and optimum operating conditions as standard
  • Cooling infrastructure individually managed and linked to BMS
  • Independently regulated temperature and humidity
  • A+B Power Supplies to cooling equipment for full redundancy (local ATS’s)
  • Connectivity
  • Carrier neutral access via diverse active A+B Meet Me
  • Rooms to multiple telecommunication providers
  • Diverse cable routing into facility to dual MMR’s
  • Strict cable management policy

  • Three stage fire detection systems into data halls and UPS plant areas • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) in data halls and UPS plant rooms for early warning
  • Fire detection in all rooms, ceiling return air plenums and in voids as required
  • Gas suppression to data halls and UPS rooms with dedicated bottles
  • Double knock approach gas suppression to all areas, single zone activation
  • Fire detection and suppression systems interconnected to central BMS
  • Building & Energy Management Systems (BMS & EMS)
  •  Power and building monitoring systems to provide alarms
  • Power surge management
  • 24/7 year round on-site M&E engineers undertaking Planned
  • Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programmes
  • Real-time monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Mains power supplied via 100% rated A&B 33 kV incomers diversely routed active / active with a capacity of 15 MVA
  • All IT power metered and charged as consumed
  • 4.5 MW distributed redundant topology with 4 independent and compartmentalised blocks
  • 99.999% reliability with the ability for concurrent maintainability
  • IT power supplies are derived from primary and reserve feedsfrom each block via STS’s creating a meshed IT distribution topology between all 4 blocks
  • Distributed redundant UPS topology with 10-minute battery back-up as standard two UPS systems per block
  • Fully rated distributed redundant LV back-up generators with48-hour fuel autonomy, capable of continuous running
  • Re-fuelling contracts to ensure timely replacement


  • 3 metre high secure perimeter fence to CPNI base specification
  • External CCTV and Geoquip trembler wire to fence
  • Vehicle lock to site entrance and delivery bay with PAS68 rated gates to protect from vehicle attack
  • 24/7 year round on-site security located in secure control room
  • Extensive CCTV and access control throughout the facility
  • Progressive layers of security to restrict access through the site
  • Mantraps with biometric readers into data halls if required

  • Compliance (Operated to International Standards)
    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
    • ISO 27001 Information Security Management
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management
    • ISO 50001 Energy Management