Phoenix – Chandler Data Center

Phoenix, AZ

Build-to-Suit Availability

Located on a 85-acre campus in Chandler, Arizona CyrusOne plans to build nearly 2 million square-feet data center- largest of its kind. With plenty of land for build-to-suit options at this site, CyrusOne offers multiple products as part of its CyrusOne Solutions product set, including:

Greenfield Builds

From greenfield to completion, the CyrusOne project teams works hand in hand with your team to plan, design, permit and construct your data center to your exact specifications – on time and on budget.


CyrusOne offers powered shells to provide you with a fast time to market option for your IT environment. Fully redundant support systems, scalable power levels, connectivity options, and class A office space are available within your powered shell.

Full and Half Data Halls with 30,000 to 60,000+ Square feet of Colocation Space

CyrusOne helps you to assess your unique infrastructure requirements to ensure your IT environment is equipped with the right power, cooling, and connectivity to match various application needs.

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2335 South Ellis Street
Chandler, AZ 85286

Phoenix-Chandler – Highlights

  • Overview
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Sustain-ability

  • Planned to be the largest data center campus in the state 1,446,438 sq. ft. campus / 86 acre land purchase
  • One of the most efficient in the country
  • SOC 1 type 2 and SOC 2 type 2, PCI DSS (sec 9 & 12), HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA
  • CyrusOne Facilities are built to TIA 942 Class 4 specifications.
  • Supports 250 wpsf with the ability to support over 1,000 wpsf
  • Capable of 250-1,000 watts per square foot
  • Highly efficient power and cooling
  • Historically free of seismic activity, tornados, and hurricanes
  • Carrier-neutral, as well as dark-fiber connectivity option
  • 100% uptime service level agreement on power
  • 24×7 staffed NOCC and remote hands support
  • Dedicated cages and private suite options available
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system; sampling air in parts per million coupled with a dual interlocked, pre action dry-pipe system
  • State-of-the-art offices
  • Fitness center, staging room, hoteling space
  • Multiple levels of redundancy available within same footprint (e.g. N, 2N)
  • Ability to hold up to 90 MW of critical capacity (campus)
  • 160 MW on-site substation
  • Diverse power delivered by two independent circuits
  • 400kVA PDUs with dual input STSs
  • Scalable 2.25 MW Detroit Diesel dedicated generators pre-wired for additional capacity
  • 5,000 gallon diesel fuel belly tanks

  • 36-inch raised floor design
  • Indirect evaporative backed by chilled water plant
  • Highly efficient multiple 500 ton Trane chillers with fast restart and adaptive controlled microprocessors
  • Redundant water feeds.
  • Reinforced physical structure, including concrete bollards and steel-lined wall options for security, and bullet resistant glass
  • Video surveillance and recording of the exterior and interior
  • On-site security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Man traps, revolving entrance doors; biometric and key card (color coded) security for rigid access control
  • Cabinet and cage security options include individual locks biometric scanners
  • Perimeter fence

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system; sampling air in parts per million coupled with a dual interlocked, pre action dry-pipe system
  • State-of-the-art offices
  • Fitness center, staging room, hoteling space


  • Energy Star Certified: Buildings 3 and 4 of the Chandler campus have achieved the Energy Star Data Center Certification from US EPA.  This is awarded to facilities that are verified to perform in the top 25 percent of energy efficient data centers nationwide.
  • CyrusOne Zero Water Consumption Cooling: No water is consumed to cool this facility (such as water towers or evaporative cooling).  Minimal amounts of water are used for humidification and facility maintenance. This facility uses highly efficient chillers, variable frequency drives, and energy-efficient CRAH units to achieve high efficiency air-cooled chilling.  An average US data center of the same size typically consumes over 15 million gallons of water per month for cooling.
  • Net Positive Water: The Phoenix-Chandler campus is CyrusOne’s first net-positive water data center. We partner with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s Change the Course program to restore significantly more water to nearby watersheds than we withdraw, providing a net benefit to the local region. For more information, see our press release, “CyrusOne Unveils First Net Positive Water Data Center.”
  • Regional Water Stress: The Phoenix area currently faces extremely high water stress, which is projected to continue in the future.  Unlike any other data center we know of, CyrusOne’s Phoenix-Chandler campus restores more water to the environment than it uses. This helps to reduce regional water stress as well as limiting our exposure to potential business disruption due to water shortages.
  • Water Stress and Use Now 2030 Projection 2040 Projection
    Regional Water Stress Extremely High Extremely High Extremely High
    CyrusOne Phoenix-Chandler Water Use Net Positive Net Positive Net Positive

    (Risk assessment and projections based on WRI Aqueduct Tool)

  • Regional Grid Greenhouse Gases: How much greenhouse gas does this facility’s local electrical grid emit while generating electricity?  (Useful for Location-based greenhouse gas reporting)
  • Greenhouse Gases 2004 2007 2012 2016 2018
    MTCO2/MWh 0.569 0.568 0.523 0.473 0.464

    The carbon-intensity of the grid has improved about 1.4% points per year over the last 14 years of published data.  Reported by the US EPA eGRID for the WECC Southwest subregion (AZNM).

  • Regional Grid Renewables: What percentage of this facility’s local electrical grid is from renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and geothermal)?
  • Grid Renewables 2004 2007 2012 2016 2018
    Percent from renewable sources 6.9% 8.7% 10.7% 11.1% 13.4%

    This has been increasing about 0.4% points per year over the last 14 years of published data.  Based on US EPA eGRID data for the WECC Southwest subregion (AZNM).

  • Sun in the Desert: Phoenix-Chandler is our largest data center campus and is planned to be the largest data center campus in Arizona. In 2019 our power provider, Salt River Project (SRP), approached us with the opportunity to help green-light a 100 MW solar plant being built in Coolidge, AZ by committing to buying its renewable energy. In considering the opportunity, we consulted with customers, who heartily supported the effort to add additional renewable power to the region. We signed up for 6.5MW of the project and look forward to the solar facility coming online and delivering carbon- and water-free power to us by 2021. We anticipate that this will replace about 6% of this facility’s electricity supply with renewable power.

Photo of trees and building with Change The Course logo.

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The Nation’s Biggest Data Center Campus

In June 2012, CyrusOne broke ground on a 57-acre campus slated to be nearly 1 million square-feet of space in Chandler, Arizona – the largest of its kind.

The first building, which was commissioned near the end of 2012, has 180,000 colocation square feet (CSF) and another 180,000 square feet came online in 2014. There is also room for seven or eight more buildings on this campus, making the CyrusOne Phoenix data center campus very unique.

Energy Efficient Power & Cooling

CyrusOne’s Phoenix data center I leverages efficiency measures never before utilized in this capacity, and offers powerful cost-reduction opportunities for the enterprises that colocate their data and servers here.

To begin, the roof of the Phoenix data center I is V-shaped, sloping toward the middle. This is beneficial for two reasons: one is the green element -directly replenishing the ground water. The other is the containment element – water is passed away from the building. The V-shaped roof design also allows for a highly-efficient cooling model at the Phoenix data center which will allow CyrusOne to achieve a low PUE.

In addition, the data center itself is being designed for an average draw of 250 watts per square foot, with the ability to go up to 1,000 watts per square foot for customers with extremely dense specialized equipment. That means a data center built to suit newer gear that has a smaller footprint but higher power utilization.

Massively Modular® Engineering

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular data center engineering is specifically designed to achieve optimal flexibility for even the largest scale deployment and build out.

CyrusOne can build out new data halls in just 12-16 weeks through aggressive sourcing and a just-in-time focus to meet customer demand.

The Massively Modular model frees customers from being confined by time, space, and/or flexibility constraints often found in other data center providers.

Conveniently Located in a Data Center Safe Zone

The Phoenix data center I is well suited for Fortune 500 companies that require robust data center infrastructure for mission-critical applications and want to locate it in an area that is generally considered one of the safest in the country—free from natural disasters including seismic activity, tornados, and hurricanes.

The Nation’s First National Internet Exchange

With CyrusOne’s National IX, customers can configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers, allowing optimal flexibility and interconnection with anyone at any connected facility and to the cloud.

As part of CyrusOne’s National IX platform, this Phoenix data center provides interconnection to other CyrusOne data centers.

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