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Introducing CyrusOne Connects & Episode One

February 8, 2023

Episode 1 – Industrialization of the Internet: How Loud will the 20s Roar

CyrusOne Connects, a new podcast series, brings forward discussions about the latest developments within the data center industry and beyond. Uncovering insights from some of the most exciting innovators, companies, and thought leaders, CyrusOne Connects seeks to ‘connect the dots’ through collaboration and conversation. Join Matt Pullen, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Europe, who touches on everything from the digital skills gap and sustainability to the next stage of the cloud in the enterprise and the future of the data center itself.

In the first episode of CyrusOne Connects, Matt is joined by Eric Schwartz, CEO of CyrusOne, and Brian Doricko, Vice President of Strategic Sales, to discuss the industrialization of the internet and the increasing demand for cloud services across the globe.

Schwartz is a well-respected veteran in the data center community. In this episode, he shares invaluable thoughts on the way global players are impacting this industry, the sector’s reaction to becoming increasingly vital to the functionality of businesses across the world, and much more.

Doricko leads Corporate Development at CyrusOne and has spent several years developing a rich understanding of the data center industry. During episode one, Doricko deep dives into tips for data centers and networks to deliver against demand, forecasting for network topography and data centers within the next five to 10 years, and more.


To listen to the first episode of CyrusOne Connects, click here.

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