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Our New Podcast, CyrusOne Connects, Launches Today!

January 30, 2023

There is much to say about our industry which is ever-changing and ever-evolving. The data center sector is central to how we live and work and yet, it is surprisingly misunderstood by many. All the while, the industry continues to grapple with unprecedented demand, supply chain challenges, rising inflation and the ongoing digital skills shortage, making it a critical point in time for our sector. 

This was the impetus to launching our new podcast, CyrusOne Connects, a brand-new podcast where we discuss the latest developments within the data center industry and beyond, uncovering insights from some of the most exciting innovators, companies and thought leaders and seeking answers to some of the industry’s biggest questions. Hosted by our very own Matt Pullen, EVP, Managing Director, Europe, we delve into the most important issues affecting our industry and our wider world and look to ‘connect the dots’ through collaboration and conversation.

The first series of ‘CyrusOne Connects’ consists of six episodes, touching on everything from the digital skills gap and sustainability to the next stage of the cloud in the enterprise and the future of the data center itself. We’re also dropping all six episodes at once, allowing listeners to delve into whatever topic is of most interest at their leisure, including: 

  • Episode One: Industrialization of the Internet: How Loud will the 20s Roar
    • Guests:
      • Eric Schwartz, CEO, CyrusOne
      • Brian Doricko, SVP, Corporate Development, CyrusOne
  • Episode Two: The Sustainability Imperative: Will Fusion Power Save the Data Center?
    • Guests:
      • David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman, Tokamak Energy Ltd
      • Tom Kingham, Director, Engineering Solutions, CyrusOne
  • Episode Three: The Digital Skills Gap: How Can We Grow the Talent Pool?
    • Guests:
      • Andrew Stevens, President and CEO, CNet Training
      • Steve Hayward, Senior Director, European Operations, CyrusOne
  • Episode Four: Cloud in the Enterprise: How to Navigate the Options
    • Guests:
      • Peter Moser, Chief Technologist, HPE
      • Fred Holloway, VP, Channel Sales, CyrusOne
  • Episode Five: Supply Chain Instability: How Can We Meet Customer Demand?
    • Guests:
      • Andy Isaacs, Vice President, Procurement, CyrusOne
      • Dan Ayley, Director, Global Head of Industrial, Science & Technology, Turner & Townsend
  • Episode Six: The Future of Data Centers: Can the Sector Grow Sustainably at Scale?
    • Guest:
      • Dave Ferdman, Co-Founder and Board of Directors, CyrusOne


“As a company, we have never shied away from lively discussion and debate on the topics that matter within our industry,” said Matt Pullen, EVP, Managing Director, Europe. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to dig into these critical developments and answer some of the most pressing questions that our sector faces today, with leading minds in the industry.”

To find us and to subscribe, search for ‘CyrusOne Connects’ wherever you get your podcasts, or visit our Buzz Sprout.