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CyrusOne Connects Episode 4: Cloud in the Enterprise – Navigating the Options

March 7, 2023

Cloud in the Enterprise: Navigating the Options

In the fourth episode of CyrusOne Connects, Matt is joined by Fred Holloway, Global Head of Enterprise Solutions at CyrusOne, together with Peter Moser, Chief Technologist and IOT and AI strategist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The two industry veterans speak to a highly debated topic amongst the data center sector: the cloud.

Holloway has spent the past 36 years becoming a key player and well-respected leader within the data center sector, spending 16 of those years working closely with Moser at Hewlett Packard and the other 10 more recently managing the Enterprise Solutions team at CyrusOne.

Moser’s resume spans the last 40 years, originating in IT with a focus on applications development. Following the takeoff of his career, Moser found himself at the forefront of learning and understanding how businesses utilize data and services to create the greatest value out of their investments.

Holloway and Moser spend this episode diving into this idea of the cloud and how it has impacted the data center industry. The two experts speak to topics including the evolution of IT resources relating to customers’ environment needs, the future of the cloud in terms of services, how CyrusOne provides connectivity to customers with dynamic workloads and how the company supports cloud providers themselves, and much more.


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