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CyrusOne Connects Episode 3: The Digital Skills Gap – Growing the Talent Pool

February 23, 2023

The Digital Skills Gap: Growing the Talent Pool

In the third episode of CyrusOne Connects, host Matt Pullen is joined by Steve Hayward, Senior Director of Operations, Europe at CyrusOne, and Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNET, to discuss how attracting a diverse pool of talent and fresh perspectives will play an integral part in addressing the skill shortage the data center industry is currently experiencing.

Hayward “was always destined to become an engineer,” and has worked his way up to becoming a well-respected leader within CyrusOne and the data center community. Hayward shares his expertise on the various pathways into the data center sector, transferrable skills if you are interested in an industry change, the importance of diversity for this industry, the strides CyrusOne is making towards combating this skill shortage and lack of diversity, and more.

Stevens is a seasoned veteran in the industry, captivating the admiration and respect of so many. During this episode, he gives invaluable insights on tips for companies when it comes to training and apprenticeship programs, the increasing popularity of the ‘earn while you learn’ path into the data center sector, the University Technical College’s Digital Futures program, attracting talent beyond engineering, and much more.


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