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Through a network of more than 50 data centers around the globe, CyrusOne enables the computing needs for the businesses that change the world.

CyrusOne is accelerating its pledge to become climate neutral by 2030, moving up its previous 2040 commitment by a decade.

CyrusOne is accelerating its pledge to become climate neutral by 2030, moving up its previous 2040 commitment by a decade. To achieve this milestone, CyrusOne will continue to improve the energy efficiency of its new and existing data centers, procure renewable electricity at an accelerated rate to power the facilities, and investigate zero-carbon alternatives to traditional diesel backup generators. These efforts build upon the progress CyrusOne has already made, including achieving 100% renewable electricity across its full European portfolio starting in 2021.

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CyrusOne Connects is a new podcast discussing the latest developments in the data center industry and beyond, uncovering insights from some of the most exciting innovators, companies and thought leaders and seeking to connect the dots through collaboration and conversation.

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CyrusOne ESG Initiatives

Being a leader in this industry means embracing an ambitious ESG program guided by a qualitative, quantitative and meaningful sustainability plan.

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North American Data Centers

CyrusOne operates more than 50 data centers in North America.

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European Data Centers

CyrusOne has most recently expanded to Europe and operates data centers in The UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany.

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New Safety Video

At CyrusOne, safety at our data centers is a top priority. We invite you to watch this short video that provides a framework of safety expectations while on-site.



We build our data centers faster thanks to a highly optimized supply chain, which enables us to get equipment, generators and building materials faster than the competition.

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CyrusOne aligns with customers to partner and support them as they scale with engineering and design services, including power and usage projections, floor planning, connectivity assessments, and implementation scheduling. Its data centers are designed to achieve optimal flexibility no matter the scale.

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Using hybrid cloud and cloud adjacency, CyrusOne enables the deployment of technology to meet customers’ security and regulatory requirements with minimal latency on workloads.

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Cloud Services

The world is hybrid. With the increased adoption of public cloud services, businesses deploy a mix of IT services across public cloud providers, own data centers or leverage providers such as CyrusOne to gain flexible access to additional data-center capacity for their private cloud requirements. Where the business chooses to deploy the IT services differs greatly depending on business, regulatory and security needs, and leads to a requirement to be able to support the entire “Cloud Continuum.”



Through a network of more than 50 data centers in key American and European markets, CyrusOne enables the compute needs for the businesses that change the world.



CyrusOne provides high-quality colocation with robust connectivity and the flexibility your business needs to scale for future growth.  Using a carrier-neutral approach, CyrusOne enables you to select best in class carriers to fit your requirements.



What makes a great place to work?  Great people!  Join our fun loving, hard-working team and help create the company we love!

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CyrusOne strives to build a full suite Ecosystem of complementary, top-tier industry partners to provide our enterprise clients with maximum flexibility for and end-to-end solution.

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