Why CyrusOne

Flexibility and Scalability to Meet the Challenges of Growth and Change

Changes in technology, in your applications, in your business, and in regulatory and compliance standards are among the numerous factors that make accurately forecasting your future data center requirements extremely challenging.

CyrusOne enables companies to overcome capacity constraints while positioning you to scale and adjust to meet evolving data center requirements as your business needs grow and change.

Customer Service and Satisfaction are Critical to the Success

From the Fortune 20 to the Fortune 1000, CyrusOne provides companies scalable and reliable data center solutions at every step of the way.

CyrusOne is committed to delivering 100% satisfaction to customers 100% of the time. As part of CyrusOne’s commitment, employees receive extensive training from “best in breed” consumer companies like the Ritz Carlton and Zappos.

Enterprise Data Centers for the World’s Largest Companies

CyrusOne offers a portfolio of more than 50 data centers across the U.S. and Europe, comprising over 4 million square feet of total net rentable square footage (NRSF).

Global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have consistently selected CyrusOne. Currently serving hundreds of customers and more than 200 of Fortune 1000 customers worldwide, CyrusOne’s strong growth over the past 16 years has made it the third-largest data center provider in the U.S.

Flexible Solutions that Scale as Customers Grow

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular® data center engineering is specifically designed to achieve optimal flexibility for even the largest scale deployment and build-out.

CyrusOne can build out new data halls in just 12-16 weeks through aggressive sourcing and a just-in-time focus to meet customer demand. The Massively Modular model frees customers from being confined by time, space, and/or flexibility constraints often found in other data center providers.

Proven, Innovative Technology Delivers Savings

Proven, leading-edge technology delivers reliability, improved service and savings through available 2N redundancies; high-density footprints; and robust, low-cost connectivity over the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX).