Service Platforms

CyrusOne’s Service Platforms

Photo of business leaders at a construction site.

Client Experience

At CyrusOne, our amazing team of thinkers, doers, and leaders is committed to providing a trusted layer of service and counsel to our valued clients.

  • Personal – We are a large, high-touch and deep-relationship focused company
  • Culture – We are founded in integrity – trust, transparency, and accountability are core to who we hire and the teams that serve our clients.
  • Innovative & Collaborative – We listen. We bring industry know-how and delivery of results.  We work with our clients to co-create the right solutions to meet specific needs.
  • Accountable – We are validated by our valued clients and measurable performance metrics. We have an outstanding track record of success which has yielded many long-standing client relationships and referrals.
  • Responsive – We support each client with a dedicated team and an operations team available 24/7/365

Operational Excellence

At CyrusOne, we are a high-touch, trusted partner to the world’s leading companies, working with each to improve operations, economic performance, and sustainability goals.

  • Experience – We have decades of experience in engineering, construction, ownership, and operation of critical infrastructure. We build to the highest standards with a focus on sustainability.
  • Best practices – We lead the industry in best practices, leveraging the most advanced technologies including those that advance sustainability goals; employing engineering and design services for power and usage projections, floor planning, connectivity assessments and implementation scheduling; and operating in a cycle of measurement, analysis, improvement and control
  • Transparency – We commit to transparency in communications, management, billing, and services delivery
  • Service Delivery – We have a dedicated, responsive team with security and operations support 24/7/365
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