Cyrusone Partner Ecosystem

CyrusOne’s partner ecosystem is bifurcated into distinct sections: revenue partners and solutions providers.

  • Our revenue partner ecosystem is designed with the goal of making it as easy as possible for our agents, brokers, referral, and boutique resale partners to present and sell CyrusOne’s 45+ data center portfolio as a colocation option for their clients. We eliminate conflict with our direct salesforce and offer competitive compensation agreements.
  • Our solution provider ecosystem allows us to offer our customer base a full suite of complementary, industry leading organizations that provide services inside our facilities. These services include the following: Cloud and Managed Services, Installation and Migration, Structured Cabling, Decommissioning, and more.

Agent and Referral Partners

CyrusOne’s agent and referral partner program enables third party trusted advisors to present an internationally proven, investment grade colocation option for their clients and prospective customers.  CyrusOne holds agreements with all the major Master Agents in the United States.  Please reach out to your channel manager to discuss which option works best for your deal registration preferences.


Benefits of the CyrusOne Agent Program

  • No compensation or quota conflict with direct salesforce.
  • Residual payment rates competitive with the 2021 market.
  • Compensation eligibility for new business, expansion business, and future renewals of new customers.
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Real Estate Brokers

CyrusOne’s success in offering customers everything from single caged environments, large multi-site deployments, and build-to-suit campuses has led to a long-standing history of transacting with the largest commercial real estate brokerage firms in the United States and Europe.  CyrusOne is continually trusted by JLL, CBRE, Newmark, Cushman & Wakefield, and more.

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Solutions Providers

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Boutique Resellers

CyrusOne’s typical minimum requirement to become a direct customer is ten cabinets.  However, each market features Boutique partners that purchase from CyrusOne at scale and resell their space to customers seeking less than ten cabinets.  Customers can buy from our Boutique partners all the way down to the ¼ cabinet level.  If you have an interest in becoming a Boutique resale partner, or working with one of our Boutique resale partners, please reach out to [email protected] .

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