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Data Center Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

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Data Center Disaster Recovery is the organizational planning to resume business operations following an unexpected event which may damage or destroy data, software and hardware systems.

Most professional organizations invest in some form of data protection services to as an integral part of their data center disaster recovery plan, often using a data backup and restore service to protect business-critical data. Large professional organizations often spend a significant portion of their budget on data center disaster recovery plans in order to preclude potentially crippling losses in revenue that may result from the inability to conduct operations following a disaster.

The development of a data center disaster recovery strategy may include the following:

  • A thorough business impact assessment to determine what costs are associated with loss of critical systems
  • A set of recovery objectives to determine the maximum downtime window for getting back up and running following a operational outage due to disaster, as well as to minimize the amount of data permanently lost due to the temporal discrepancy between a given data backup point and the data disaster event
  • A data center disaster recovery plan that mitigates business disruption and provides maximum fault tolerance for all computer-related business functions


With the increasing affordability of offsite remote data backup, more and more smaller and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of data center disaster recovery services formerly available only to enterprises.

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