Redundant Power

CyrusOne Power Architecture – No Single Point of Failure

Server Farm

CyrusOne’s distributed block redundancy for electrical systems provide a highly resilient environment with no single point of failure to virtually eliminate downtime. Supported by industry-leading 100% uptime service-level agreements (SLAs), CyrusOne power redundancies are tailored to the rack-level for ultimate flexibility to match any application and server need.

How Does CyrusOne Do It?

  • Separate parallel transformers with separate parallel underground utility feeds to ensure seamless power availability
  • Dual power feeds from multiple power distribution units (PDUs) within each enclosure to support optimal distribution of electric power
  • Multiple generators, fuel tanks, and batteries to ensure seamless power continuity and provide 100% uptime service levels.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Fully redundant data center power architectures may not be typical for in-house data centers, due to significant expertise and capital required to design and build. By colocating with CyrusOne you can enjoy the benefits of fully redundant data center power without investing the capital for the technology, expertise, and management of these systems.