Colocation Cages

Colocation Cages are cages accommodate a wide range of free standing equipment including storage arrays, mainframes and networking equipment.

Server Farm

Colocation Cages can be configured with a dedicated access control system for additional physical security.

Colocation cages are “built to suit” and designed based on the specific power and space requirements a company’s infrastructure requires.  “Build to suit” colocation cages can provide business with the flexibility to grow within a secured space, while avoiding the hassles of operating its own data center environment.

Colocation Cages offer features including:

  • “Build to Suit” cages
  • 110 volt – 20amp, 30amp and 40amp configurations
  • 208 volt – 20amp, 30amp, 40amp, 50amp and 60amp configurations
  • Redundant/diverse network uplinks
  • Access to relevant, “real time” data feeds through a Building Management System (BMS) Remote and Smart Hands

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