Massively Modular® Data Center Technology

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular Data Center Technology Meets Customer Demand

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CyrusOne is a leading global colocation provider with more than 50 data centers in the United States and Europe. Tour our data centers now!

Massively Modular design approach enables CyrusOne to commission large data center facilities in approximately 12-16 weeks, which is virtually an industry record. Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy commissioning of the site, which in turn enables CyrusOne to deliver inventory just in time to match with your expansion needs.

Get the Economic Benefits of a Modular Build-out

Once the initial data center shell is built, CyrusOne carefully engineers the systems infrastructure build-out to match customer demand. This ensures all of your cooling, power, space, and redundant systems are in place when your business needs them.

CyrusOne also pairs next generation data center facilities with class A office space to deliver a uniquely comfortable experience. You get ample room to work or connect in comfortable offices or meeting rooms just a few short steps from your infrastructure.

Massively Modular®. There’s simply nothing else like it in the industry.

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