Flexible Data Center Design

Get Customized Data Center Design Solutions to Grow with Your Business

Why Big Internet Organizations Need Big Data

To meet the unprecedented growth of the digital universe, Big Internet companies are required to scale massively and with extraordinary speed.

This executive report explores how more and more Big Internet CIOs are meeting their ever-changing and expanding needs while obtaining the cost effectiveness, security, and service capabilities typically not previously available to them.

CyrusOne’s flexible and scalable data center design solutions will fit the exact requirements of your company – both today and tomorrow.

Fully Customizable Data Center Design Options

A broad range of critical design and configuration factors are available to meet your needs, including:

  • Low to very high power densities up to 900 watts per square foot
  • Various environment configurations ranging from racks and cages to suites and data halls
  • Modular growth options within and across the data halls
  • Greenfield and retrofit capabilities
  • Redundancy customized to the rack level (2N, N, or both)
  • The ability to choose your own managed service providers and carriers
  • Flexible contracts enabling you to ramp into your purchased power and space over time
  • Dedicated or shared office space available onsite.


How Does CyrusOne Do It?

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular® data center engineering is specifically designed to achieve optimal flexibility for even the largest scale deployment and build-out.

CyrusOne can build out new data halls in just 12-16 weeks through aggressive sourcing and a just-in-time focus to meet customer demand.

The Massively Modular model frees customers from being confined by time, space, and/or flexibility constraints often found in other data center providers.

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