CyrusOne Interconnection – Peering Exchange

Extremely Scalable, Always Reliable

CyrusOne’s National IX uses dedicated Layer 2 switches and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) or 802.1Q to enable any party within a facility to connect with multiple parties both within and outside of the facility. This BGP-driven process is widely known as peering.

Peering is the core operational protocol by which global Internet enterprises hand off traffic to the end autonomous networks via the Internet from multiple physical locations worldwide.

Peering virtually eliminates geographic boundaries and network confinements associated with data exchange.

Peering expands cloud platform viability and cost-effectiveness.

Full Range of Configurations with National IX

CyrusOne’s National IX interconnection enables a full range of nearly infinitely scalable peering configurations and protocols, including:

  • Settlement-free exchange
  • Settlement-based exchange
  • Buy/Sell exchange

With low cost ports at all enabled locations and a network powered by Brocade MLXe Switches at 10 GigE and 100 GigE speeds, CyrusOne’s Peering Exchange provides best-in-class switching/cross connection at either partial or full IP transit, and at the lowest transit purchase costs available.