IP Bandwidth

Delivering redundant and highly resilient bandwidth connectivity

The CyrusOne Internet Protocol (IP) services delivers exceptional connectivity to the internet to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Whether your operation is local or global, small or large, it is very likely that the success of the operation depends on staying connected with partners and customers. Every second that your operation waits on a slow or un-dependable connection to access files, collaborative applications, or selling products/services, is time and money wasted. With reliable internet access from CyrusOne, your operation has the immediate advantage of fast and dependable connectivity for its continued productivity and success. Through this offering, CyrusOne provides each customer with a range of bandwidth amounts that can be from a few Mbps to 10+ Gbps. The CyrusOne team, through exceptional service and expert support, will work with your operation to provide a solution that will best fit your networking needs.

The CyrusOne IP service also works adjacently to the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX), which delivers interconnection across the states and between metro enabled sites within the CyrusOne facility footprint and beyond. Together, the IP service and the National IX, provides customers with the flexibility to deploy multi-site solutions for high availability and redundant infrastructures, and highly reliable/fast internet access.

Offering and Features

  • Flexible bandwidth rates around a committed base rate and burstable rate
  • Unique global IPv4 & IPv6 addresses for each customer
  • 24×7 Network Operations Center for issue resolution at every site
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee for redundant ports (standard delivery) across the CyrusOne IP platform
  • Account, technical and operational support
  • Access to Peering from the CyrusOne National IX platform
  • Multi-homed bandwidth via ASN 62 with multiple tier-1 carrier upstream providers to assure delivery and failover
  • Services delivered via redundant Juniper MX routers at all locations with dual handoff to customers (one from each router)
  • Copper and Fiber handoffs using standard Ethernet

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