Cloud Connectivity and Megaport

Megaport = Immediate Connection, Single Point Contact, Multiple Options

Cloud computing, a virtualized process of sharing resources to optimize performance, is built on a physical infrastructure providing users with on-demand access to high-end networks, servers, software, and storage.

Through CyrusOne’s alliance with Megaport Ltd., a global leader in software-based elastic cloud integration, CyrusOne data centers can deliver flexible, cloud-connectivity services seamlessly and immediately through a single port.

megaport video screenshot

Megaport = Immediate Connection, Single Point Contact, Multiple Options

Create the perfect cloud connectivity solution by combining Megaport’s software-defined network (SDN) with the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform. This arrangement enables direct connection to top cloud providers through a single point of contact using a cost-effective and user-friendly interface. Further, all connections are secure and protected, with guaranteed automatic failover.

Leveraging the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform as an on ramp to Megaport’s fabric, via a 1G or 10G interface, provides CyrusOne customers access to top cloud resources, network operators, and content services.

Megaport is a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, an Amazon AWS Technology Partner, an Amazon AWS Direct Connect Partner, and a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner.


Increased Flexibility – Elastic Connectivity

Megaport’s elastic connectivity delivers the flexibility to vary connectivity requirements based upon actual demand. CyrusOne customers can order, scale, and control services on the fly. Customers can select new services, turn them off, or change terms at any time—hourly, daily, weekly, month-to-month, by the year.

Ramping up the bandwidth configuration, which can vary from 1Mbps to 100 Gbps and takes less than a minute to adjust, is an ideal way to support traffic growth—whether that growth is expected or unforeseen. Or customers can scale down just as quickly if or when a broader bandwidth is no longer needed. Up or down, it’s as simple as flipping a switch.

That flexibility—the elastic connectivity—therein becomes a cost-effective solution for data migration, particularly when transferring large volumes of data or time-based workloads, or in business continuity and disaster recovery situations, or when using high-performance applications, or for general workload portability.

Fast and Secure Ways to Connect

CyrusOne cloud connectivity enables direct connection through a single point of contact, using a user-friendly interface to reach Amazon, Microsoft, Google and all of the top cloud providers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CyrusOne’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides comprehensive infrastructure and application services that enable customers to run just about anything in the cloud. Connect quickly and directly and get consistent bandwidth – all on a private network.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides fast, private and secure connection between your IT environment and Microsoft Azure and Office 365. These cloud services are available from multiple CyrusOne data centers where ExpressRoute is available. ExpressRoute connections offer greater privacy, security, reliability than typical connections through the internet. They enable enterprises to build hybrid cloud environments with greater control, reliability and ease of use.


Google Cloud Platform

CyrusOne’s software-defined networking (SDN) platform allows integration with Google Cloud Platform’s public and private interfaces, providing you the access and ability to scale up to 10Gbps (services include the AWS port fee), reduce AWS egress costs, increase throughput and network consistency.


Reaching for the cloud

CyrusOne cloud connectivity services enables:

  • Bursting into a public cloud when the demand spikes
  • Integrating into multi-cloud hosted environments to avoid data loss or downtime
  • Backing up data between two core facilities
  • Reducing operating costs by buying only what’s needed when it’s needed
  • Avoiding the capital expenditures required to build or upgrade an in-house


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