The Sky for the Cloud® Platform

The Sky for the Cloud® Data Center Solutions


Nnamdi Orakwue

Vice President, Dell Cloud
“We see the combination of HPC and cloud technologies as an incredibly powerful solution with tremendous customer benefit. Customers who need immediate, high-performing computing solutions for shorter time frames can quickly realize revenue opportunities. Dell continues to invest in cloud enabling solutions to help our customers achieve faster business results.”

The Sky for the Cloud® platform provides a home for companies seeking easy and robust connectivity to public and private cloud providers. CyrusOne facilities are home to 9 of the top 10 public cloud providers, as well as many medium and small private cloud operators.

CyrusOne’s The Sky for the Cloud platform facilitates connectivity to public, private or hybrid cloud solutions to help enterprises meet all their cloud connectivity, storage, and processing needs. The platform enables fast and secure interconnection to an ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks, carriers, and internet service providers.

The Sky for the Cloud data center technology encompasses peering within a single location, to more quickly and affordably pull content from the edge of the Internet to the heart of the data center. The platform also provides interconnection to dozens of CyrusOne’s facilities across the U.S.

For Enterprise Companies

Enjoy tailored, hybrid-cloud solutions across a multi-data center platform.

A hybrid cloud solution can enable workloads to move easily between data centers to reach both public and private clouds. CyrusOne cloud solutions can be designed to match enterprise capacity, performance and security needs. Robust cloud connectivity and interconnection between data centers is delivered by CyrusOne’s National IX.

Enterprise benefits of The Sky for the Cloud platform include the ability to:

  • Scale IT infrastructure up or down based on business environment
    • Customized cloud solutions – public, private, hybrid
    • Cloud-based disaster recovery platforms to ensure business continuity
  • Secure and efficient connectivity to the cloud across the CyrusOne National IX
  • Obtain customized cloud environments and solutions from CyrusOne experts


For Cloud Providers

Deploy hyper-scale cloud data centers at hyper-speed.

Cloud providers of all sizes can obtain the right environment for their IT footprints – from suites, to data halls, to full data center buildings. And, CyrusOne enables cloud operators to hyper-scale at hyper-speed by delivering installation-ready colocation space at record-breaking speeds – from data halls in 12-14 weeks to full data center buildings in 3-6 months!

Through a multi-tenant data center platform, cloud providers can colocate in different regions to ensure high availability of services and faster response time for users.

The Cloud and Why Companies Use It

Cloud computing and storage solutions provide companies with various capabilities to store and process data in either privately-owned, or third-party data centers that may be located far from the user. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economy of scale, similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over an electricity network.

The cloud enables companies to avoid up-front infrastructure costs (e.g. building data centers, purchasing servers, etc.). Cloud computing also allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance. It also enables Information technology (IT) teams to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

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