Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

Scaling cloud deployments shouldn’t have to be so hard.

CyrusOne cuts complexity by delivering more optionality than anyone. We reduce contracting and build time, provide hyper-efficient operation, and offer flexible access to cloud service providers. We help our clients scale when and where they need it, in a forward-looking architecture that facilitates growth. We take the pain out of cloud, so you can focus on what matters most: driving the business forward.

Fast and Secure Ways to Connect

CyrusOne can provide direct connection via our 100% end-to-end core protected/redundant Metro IX and National (city-to-city) IX networks straight to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like: GCP, IBM Cloud, AWS and Oracle.

HPE Greenlake

HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service solution that allows customers to achieve the cloud experience for all of their apps and data, no matter where those assets live. Customers can get cloud services without the cost, risk, and time to move data and refactor apps, so they free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up their talent to accelerate their business.  Customers can choose services for their workloads in just a few clicks, pay per use, scale up and down as needed, and get everything managed for them as a service. Together, HPE GreenLake and CyrusOne provide the agility and freedom of a cloud experience but with dedicated infrastructure and the benefits that go with it.


Google Cloud Platform

As part of the Google Cloud Interconnect platform, CyrusOne’s direct connect locations provide customers with simple, cost-effective solutions for creating hybrid cloud environments tailored to their specific business needs. Coupled with these direct on-ramps to the Google Cloud Platform, CyrusOne also provides virtual access to GCP through the CyrusOne National IX, which delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne portfolio.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides fast, private and secure connection between your IT environment and Microsoft Azure and Office 365. These cloud services are available from multiple CyrusOne data centers where ExpressRoute is available. ExpressRoute connections offer greater privacy, security, reliability than typical connections through the internet. They enable enterprises to build hybrid cloud environments with greater control, reliability and ease of use.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CyrusOne’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides comprehensive infrastructure and application services that enable customers to run just about anything in the cloud. Connect quickly and directly and get consistent bandwidth – all on a private network.

IBM Cloud onramp infographic.

IBM DirectLink

CyrusOne customers benefit from dedicated, secure, reliable and low latency network connections to the IBM public cloud as part of their hybrid strategies integrating seamlessly with their own IT infrastructure, bolstering security and enabling next generation of hybrid cloud computing environments.

Oracle Cloud onramp infographic.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud delivers high-performance computing power to run cloud native and enterprise IT workloads. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence automates routine database tasks, ensuring higher performance, security and operational efficiency.

3D illustration of cloud connectivity using cloud icons.

Reaching for the cloud

CyrusOne cloud connectivity services enables:

  • Bursting into a public cloud when the demand spikes
  • Integrating into multi-cloud hosted environments to avoid data loss or downtime
  • Backing up data between two core facilities
  • Reducing operating costs by buying only what’s needed when it’s needed
  • Avoiding the capital expenditures required to build or upgrade an in-house