National IX

CyrusOne National IX Provides Cost-efficiency and Freedom of Choice

The CyrusOne National IX delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne facility footprint and beyond.

The platform enables high-performance, low-cost data transfer and accessibility for customers and unites many state-of-the-art CyrusOne data centers in numerous cities with other locations coming online soon.

The Benefits of CyrusOne National IX

CyrusOne customers enjoy the following benefits in the National IX:


National IX provides you with the ability to deliver services to other CyrusOne customers, which improves your company’s immediately addressable market.


While average costs for point-to-point connectivity between data centers can be very expensive, CyrusOne customers can leverage the low-cost of National IX to implement a multi-site failover strategy very efficiently.


Your product offering can be more resilient and deliver a better connection to your clients  when connected to CyrusOne’s top-tier, highly redundant facilities using the National IX.

Freedom of Choice

Mix-and-match data centers within and across metro areas for production and disaster recovery (DR). When transporting large amounts of data, get freedom of choice to select one of CyrusOne’s carriers, the National IX platform, or cross-connect to cloud services.

With the CyrusOne National IX, you have the ability to connect between CyrusOne facilities at reduced cost via terabit-class capacity or cross-connection with any on-net third-party facility within metro regions.

illustration showing cyrusone's connectivity.

Delivering Robust, National Connectivity

CyrusOne is ahead of the multi-site deployment curve by aggressively building and integrating data centers throughout the United States. CyrusOne facilities offer:

  • Abundant choice – Hundreds of available carriers for flexibility and cost management
  • Scalability – Choice of either dedicated MPLS port arrays or “pay as you eat” scalability
  • Wide range of peering options – Peering protocols via BGP or 802.1Q, including buy/sell peering exchanges
  • Low-cost IX ports – Available within all on-net CyrusOne facilities
  • Top-tier colocation capabilities – Massively Modular® engineering delivers state of the art technology right to the cabinet and rack levels.

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