Beyond the WAN: Networking the Enterprise Data Center to the Cloud

Enterprises are using a variety of cloud and SaaS services to remain competitive, but can lose out when their network architecture either becomes a deployment bottleneck or impedes application performance. Network interconnection has often taken a back seat to other issues in application design and deployment, but enterprises should not continue to ignore this critical component of infrastructure.

In this webinar, we examine how today’s interconnection services can break what used to be the tight links between distance, capacity and cost. Indeed, a rethink of networking strategies in the data center can help unlock more agility and efficiency in digital enterprise transformation efforts.

This session will look at issues affecting enterprise use of data center networking services, including:

  • Changing cloud consumption patterns by enterprises, employees, partners and customers
  • The different types of interconnection offered by multi-tenant datacenters, including datacenter interconnect, and cloud exchange
  • Real world experiences of enterprises who have leveraged interconnection to solve application performance and availability issues
  • How datacenter interconnect services can be used for disaster recovery, enhanced application performance, and access to partner and vendor ecosystems

Live online Mar 23 1:00 pm United States – Central | or after on demand | 75 mins

Webinar Presenters and Speakers:

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