Server Farm

What is a Server Farm? A Server Farm is a set of computer servers that are maintained and housed in one location.

Server Farm

Server farms, also called data farms, generally have backup servers, which can take over the role of primary servers in the event the servers fail. A server farm isĀ  usually co-located with the network switches and/or routers which enable communication between the different parts of the cluster and the users of the cluster. The computers, routers, power supplies, and related electronics for a server farm are typically mounted on 19-inch racks in a server room or data center.

The failure of individual machines is common in a large server farm because of the sheer number of computers. For this reason, management needs to provide support for redundancy, automatic failover, and rapid reconfiguration of the server cluster.

Combining servers and power into a single unit has been quite common for many years in research and academic institutions. Today, more and more companies are utilizing server farms as a way of managing the vast quantity of computerization of tasks and services that they require.

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