Remote Data Center Management

Remote Data Center Management is the supervision of data center services by expert technicians, such as power cycling and rebooting servers to visual inspections and receiving equipment.  Remote Data Center Management allows businesses to concentrate on running their organization and not have to worry about travelling to the data center for simple tasks.

Server Farm

Remote data center management services that companies can provide are visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts, racking-and-stacking new equipment, swapping removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.), wiring services such as moving, securing, or terminating cables, and labeling equipment or taking digital photos.

There are two methods that remote data center management can be conducted.  The first is In-band Management, which depends on the data network for the transport of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and additional management information.  This option is only probable when the network is accessible and running properly.  The other concept is Out-of-Band Management, which is the alternate management path when network connectivity is lost or when the network or server is down.

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