Raised Floor

A Raised Floor is an elevated level above a solid floor that creates a concealed cavity to allow conditioned air into an area to cool the equipment and function as wire management for power and/or data.

Server Farm

A raised floor is a type of floor used in buildings with a high requirement for storing cables, wiring, electrical supply, and occasionally air conditioning or chilled water pipes. Additional structural foundation and lighting are often supplied when a raised floor is elevated enough for an individual to crawl or even walk beneath.

Raised flooring can be installed at varying heights from 2inches/50mm to heights above 4ft/1200mm to suit services that may be housed underneath.

Some of the benefits that raised floors provide include:

  • Reduces dust that may obstruct fan vents
  • Cable access points can be sealed to amplify the cooling system
  • Static control can be executed to avoid electrostatic release
  • Air is easily circulated to cool an area and its components

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