Network Operations Centers

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is one or more locations from which a network is controlled.

Server Farm

Network operation centers are in charge of supervising alarms and conditions that may require special attention to avoid disruptions in a network’s performance.  They are responsible for monitoring power failures, alarms and other performance issues that may affect the network. They investigate issues, perform troubleshooting, communicate with technicians and resolve problems. 

For critical issues that are impossible to foresee, such as a power failure or optical fiber cable cut, network operations centers have procedures in place to immediately contact technicians to fix the problem.

Network operations centers are usually situated with several rows of desks, all facing multiple screens, which generally show details of highly significant alarms, ongoing incidents, and general network performance.  In addition, the weather or news may even be shown as this can keep the technicians informed of current events which may have an impact on the network or systems.

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