Managed Networks

Managed networks are designed to mitigate difficulties by combining physical network, routers, switches, management, maintenance and monitoring into an all-in-one service. These managed networks enable a client to concentrate on the applications that deliver value to their business rather than on the performance of the applications and the networks on which they reside.

Server Farm

Data center managed networks enable businesses to get robust connectivity, while enjoying cost savings, flexibility, and scalability to support corporate growth and performance needs.

Solutions for managed networks offered by data centers can include:

Virtual Connectivity Services – Easily provides workload mobility to respond to varying levels of demand via connectivity between data centers.

Business Continuity Services – Leverage multiple data centers with embedded connectivity to ensure continuous connectivity if re-direction needs to occur, minimizing downtime and ensuring fast application response time.

Disaster Recovery Services – Receive physical and/or virtual DR activities through connectivity with other data centers’ managed networks. Disaster Recovery promotes system, application, or data restoration in time of crisis through data back-up and storage in secondary locations.

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