Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are information technology solutions offered to clients by providers who manage and take responsibility for critical information and data that is critical to a business’s IT infrastructure.

Server Farm

Some of the managed IT services offered by data center facilities include managed security solutions.  This includes managed firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, web application firewall, managed VPN services, and PCI DSS complete.

Managed IT services also include managed network solutions, such as IP bandwidth, IP addressing, DNS, remote/branch office connectivity, IPv6 addresses, and site to site transport.

Data centers may also offer remote hands and smart hands as one of their managed IT services.  Remote hands allow maintenance to be performed to client’s equipment upon request. Smart hands gives customers the benefit of assistance from engineers to add, remove, or change equipment and fix internet and server problems. This allows a user’s business critical data and applications to remain accessible and high-performing at all times.

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