KVM Switch

KVM Switch, also known as keyboard, video, mouse switch, is device that allows users to access multiple servers remotely from one or more KVM sites.

Server Farm

The KVM switch can offer various methods of connecting to the computers. Depending on the port density and the type of connection, the KVM switch may present native connectors on the device where standard cables connect. Another method is a single DB25 or similar connector per port that connects to a special cable, which has the KVM switch connectors at the computer end. The advantage of the special cable approach is a decrease in the number of cables at the KVM switch.

Control is switched from one computer to another by the use of a switch or buttons on the KVM switch.  Signals are then passed between the computer and keyboard, and mouse and monitor depending on which computer is currently selected. Many electronic KVM switches allow control to be switched through the keyboard or through an On Screen Display (OSD) menu.

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