Data Center Uptime

Data Center Uptime is annual guaranteed availability of a data center.  Data centers need to achieve unprecedented levels of uptime to keep pace with modern business demands.  To achieve these data center uptime goals, data center managers are paying in­creased attention to facility in­frastructure issues, including the network grounding system.

Server Farm

Data center uptime is generally categorized by tiers as follows:

  • Tier 1: Guaranteeing 99.671% availability
  • Tier 2: Guaranteeing 99.741% availability
  • Tier 3: Guaranteeing 99.982% availability
  • Tier 4: Guaranteeing 99.995% availability

A quality data center service provider’s Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) generally covers all the key infrastructure elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability, and service credits. The Service Level Agreement also relates to the use of products and services offered by the data center service provider.

The following are important elements of a Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreement:

  • Service Commitment-A data center service provider committed to providing services to business at a standard of excellence on par with the best practices in the industry usually offers 100% data center uptime. The SLA includes both network uptime and server availability.
  • Temperature-A quality data center service provider provides temperature control at the premises using computer room air-conditioning (“CRAC”), measured by installed and operated sensor.
  • Bandwidth Services-If services include Bandwidth Services, then the data center service provider usually offers the 100% data center uptime commitment for Bandwidth Services.

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