Data Center Technology

Data Center Technology is all of the applications and equipment needed to run a data center, such as IT equipment, enhanced services, power, security, and network applications.

Server Farm

General data center technology to help deliver customer solutions include:

  • Enhanced Services – Data center technology is critical in ensuring your critical business data and applications remain accessible and high-performing at all times with services that include managed security services (firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, web application firewall, managed VPN services, PCI DSS Complete), managed network offerings (IP Bandwidth, IP addressing), and Remote and Smart Hands.
  • Space – Individual half and full cabinets and “build to suit” cages or suites which can include a built in private work room.
  • Power – Facilities offer power in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations designed to suit a budget and the critical nature of an application.
  • Network – Usually a carrier-neutral facility offers companies the ability to directly contract with different carriers for a variety of services.
  • Security – A high level of data center technology is critical to protect corporate information, guard against data leakage, proactively monitor, preempt and mitigate threats, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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