Data Center SLA

Data Center SLA (Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreement) covers all the key infrastructure elements and service metrics like power, temperature, and network availability.

Server Farm

Data center SLA most often ensures the top-tier performance and guaranteed uptime in the following services:

Power-If business ordered Redundant Power (aka A+B Power), and then a client will generally be offered a certain Uptime commitment by a data center for Redundant Power

Temperature- Subject to certain conditions, a facility generally will maintain over a 24-hour period, an average ambient room temperature at the premises of 72 degrees Fahrenheit + or -5 degrees (the “Temperature Range”). This temperature is usually controlled using computer room air-conditioning (“CRAC”) measured by installed and operated sensors.

Bandwidth Services- Many data centers have a guaranteed uptime on network availability to their clients.

Customers should be able to request a credit on their fund if a facility fails to meet the relevant uptime commitment outlined in their data center SLA.

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