Data Center Services

Data Center Services are a collective term for the supporting components necessary for the proper operation of a repository for storage, management and dissemination of data organized around a body of knowledge or pertaining to an enterprise. As such, data center services can involve hardware, software, processes and personnel.

Server Farm

Data center services usually include:

  • Enhanced Services – Ensure your critical business data and applications remain accessible and high performing.
  • Space – Individual half and full cabinets and “build to suit” cages or suites which can include a built in private workroom.
  • Power – N+1 or 2N options available with both AC and DC power in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations
  • Cooling – N+1 design.
  • Network – A carrier-neutral facility so you can directly contract with different carriers for a variety of services.
  •  Security – Protect critical corporate information, guard against data leakage, proactively monitor, preempt and mitigate threats.
  •  Managed business continuance
  • Continuous, efficient technical support

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