Data Center Security

Data Center Security is the physical and electronic systems needed 24/7 to protect data and equipment.

Server Farm

Data center security is broken into two sections, property and people. Property includes, but is not limited to the building, infrastructure, servers, laptops and data. People are further broken down into users and outsiders. Users are employees, clients and others who need access to business data. Outsiders are those who are not directly employed by the business. Cleaning crews, security guards, and service engineers are examples of outsiders.

Physical and environmental controls protect the machine room itself from interruptions and unauthorized intrusions. Also, technical controls on all platforms provide the capability to protect applications and data from unauthorized disclosure and manipulation.

Data center security usually restricts selected personnel by using bollard, mantraps, finger print recognition, and video surveillance. Additionally, permanent security guards are almost always present if the data center is large or contains sensitive information on any of the systems within.

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