Data Center Monitoring

Data Center Monitoring supervises power, temperature, and environmental conditions of a data center in order to increase service reliability while improving business operational efficiency.

Server Farm

Data center monitoring has evolved from a simple alert system, a “nice-to-have” feature, into a critical element required for maximizing uptime and ensuring the increasingly complex environment within the data center is running effectively and efficiently.

Power monitoring is one kind of data center monitoring solutions. Power monitoring solutions provide the data, visualization, reporting and alerting necessary to manage one of the most critical aspects of any data center. Supporting more robust hardware solutions, including blade servers, can present a challenge in providing sufficient primary and back-up power.

Environmental monitoring is another kind of data center monitoring solutions. Managing energy costs and preventing downtime are two of the most pressing issues for data center managers. The ability to monitor environmental conditions in the server cabinet allows managers to know if temperatures at the critical assets are within the desired ranges.

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