Data Center Fire Protection

Data Center Fire Protection is the design elements and fire prevention programs that are implemented in a data center. 

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Data center fire protection elements include smoke detectors, which are usually installed to provide early warning of a developing fire.  This allows technicians to investigate and use fire extinguishers if necessary before the fire becomes any larger.

Another component of data center fire protection is a fire sprinkler system, which is often provided to control a full scale fire if it develops.  In addition, fire suppression gaseous systems are sometimes installed to put out or hold back a fire earlier than a fire sprinkler system.

Passive data center fire protection elements include the installation of fire walls around the data center, so a fire can be restricted to a segment of the facility for a period of time if active fire prevention systems fail.  For critical facilities, these firewalls are often inadequate to protect electronic equipment, cables, coolant lines, and air ducts.

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