Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling relates to accurately maintaining data center at an efficient targeted temperature to enable servers and other equipment to run effectively. It not only involves the deployment and maintenance of air conditioning, but in order to provide the most cooling per square foot, the most efficient server configurations must be employed.

Server Farm

The most important factor in data center cooling is the rack inlet supply temperature, which is often independent of CRAC return temperatures, depending on the architecture of the space.

Data center cooling installations face a number of cooling system challenges in the modern data center. For many companies, meeting adaptability requirements remains the biggest challenge regarding data center cooling systems. Specifically, this involves problems with the cooling of high-density rack systems, and the uncertainty of the quantity, timing, and location of high-density racks.

The data center cooling requirements in regard to lifecycle cost challenges share many features in common with adaptability solutions. Pre-engineered, standardized, and modular solutions are typically needed.

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