Data Center Chiller

A Data Center Chiller is a cooling system used in a data center to remove heat from one element and deposit it into another element.

Server Farm

Data center chillers are used by industrial facilities to cool the water used in their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units. Round-the-clock operation of data center chillers is crucial to data center operation, given the considerable heat produced by many servers operating in close proximity to one another. Without them, temperatures would quickly rise to levels that would corrupt mission-critical data and destroy hardware.

To maintain uptime, data center operators ensure that data center chillers have an independent generator in case a local power grid fails. Without a data center chiller, the rest of the system will simply blow hot air. While any well-prepared data center has backup generators to support servers and other systems if external power supplies fail, managers installing UPS and HVAC systems must also determine whether a facility provides emergency power to the chiller itself.

Data center designers often include connections for an emergency data center chiller to be hooked up when needed. Multiple, smaller chillers supplied with independent power supplies generally offer the best balance of redundancy and efficiency, along with effective disaster recovery preparation.

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