Colocation Data Center

A colocation data center, also called a carrier hotel, is a type of data center where colocation services are provided. It is a secure physical site or building where data communications media converge and are interconnected.

Server Farm

Colocation data center is common for numerous service providers to share the facilities of a single carrier hotel. A colocation data center is a sizable facility, often containing more than 5,000 square meters (approximately 54,000 square feet) of floor space.

Businesses that benefit from the use of colocation data center include web site hosting companies, storage service providers and telecommunications companies. Colocation data center is becoming popular because of the time and cost savings a company can realize as result of using shared data centre infrastructure.

Most colocation data center includes the following features:

  • Fire protection systems
  • 19-inch racks for data equipment and servers, 23-inch racks for telecommunications equipment.
  • Cabinets and cages for physical access control over tenants’ equipment.
  • Overhead cable rack (tray) and fibreguide, power cables usually on separate rack from data.
  • Air conditioning to control the temperature and humidity in the space, low-impedance electrical ground.

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