Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Cabinets are secure, multi-compartment units specifically designed for a co-location environment. Colocation cabinets are field convertible from a 2-3 compartment configuration.

Server Farm

The colocation cabinets include unique locks per compartment. A vertical cable channel integrated into the cabinet chassis allows for secure compartment specific cable access. This insures cable and compartment security from unauthorized access.

Generally, data centers have a selection of colocation cabinets to meet user’s needs. Sizes range from quarter, third, half and full cabinets. The large array of cabinet configuration options and add-ons are perfect for accommodating the growth of a business.

Colocation cabinets solutions may even be backed by 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering all the key infrastructure elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability, and service credits.

The standard full cabinet provided is 42RU, 24″ wide and 42″ deep. In addition to colocation cabinets, companies can also opt to select more space to accommodate special needs, including steel cages and private suites.

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