Colocation Bandwidth

Colocation bandwidth refers to how much capacity a company has to transmit data on a network in a colocation center.

Server Farm

Colocation providers usually have many different types of customers. Depending on the situation, one option may be a better fit than the others. The most common colocation bandwidth options are:

  • 95th percentile
  • Rate-limited connection
  • Total transfer
  • Cross-connection to a provider


Colocation bandwidth might be billed based on the size of an internet connection, the amount of data sent back and forth in terms of the exact amount of that data, or some calculation of the amount of data typically sent through the network over a given period of time.

The network can be utilized to increase or decrease colocation bandwidth usage. For instance, throttling some activities can minimize colocation bandwidth usage by taking advantage over client side capabilities to make calculations before submitting requests back to the server.

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