Business Continuity

Business Continuity are plans and procedures intended to keep critical business operations running in the event of a disaster.

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Business continuity activities include every day tasks such as project management, system backups, and help desk.  It is not something implemented when a disaster happens, but refers to those actions carried out daily to sustain service, stability, and recoverability.

The basis of business continuity are the standards, program development, and supporting policies; plans, and practices needed to guarantee a firm continues without stoppage , regardless of unfavorable situations or events.  In order to achieve business continuity, all system plans, implementation, support, and maintenance must be centered on this basis.

Business continuity is sometimes confused with disaster recovery, but they are two separate things.  Disaster recovery is a division of business continuity.  Business continuity also includes work area recovery, which is due to loss of the physical building a business operates in.

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