Exceptional Service Levels

Brian Trudeau, Tradentrix

“We chose CyrusOne for its proven infrastructure and management record, its reputation for reliability, its carrier diversity, and the ‘never settle for less than the best' attitude we both share.”



“The way CyrusOne was able to deliver a complete, all-in-one solution with extremely rapid turnaround really impressed us. We gave them a very aggressive timeline and they hit it just like they said they would. Their flexibility and ability to meet a very wide range of requirements positions CyrusOne to grow with us beyond this first high availability disaster recovery solution to meet other IT needs.”


Joedy Lenz, CARFAX

“As we've built out our new IT configurations CyrusOne has been incredibly responsive to our needs. When we call CyrusOne to request a reconfiguration of our IT footprint, they start working to approve it immediately, and then send us the work order to document it. They never make it a burden on us, or make us feel like it's a burden on them. They're obviously focused on ensuring their customers' success, rather than their own.”


Kurtis Kim, Accudata Systems

“CyrusOne enables a single-source solution with military-grade security and a 100 percent power uptime guarantee to ease client concerns surrounding mission-critical data management.”


Mark BeMent, Jackson Walker

“It was imperative to select a data center provider that understood and shared our strong commitment to customer service. After a comprehensive review of the market, we were highly impressed with CyrusOne's technical capabilities and their service-focused culture. In addition, their ability to deliver a connected, multi-site solution will yield tremendous efficiencies for our firm and clients.”


Mike Webb, SmartVault

“CyrusOne is focused on reliably delivering to us the key colocation elements—power, cooling, connectivity, and physical security. We like this approach because CyrusOne is paying attention to what we really need and constantly looking for ways to fulfill those needs.”


Scott Gautreau, Turner Industries

“In the event of a disaster, it's imperative that we maintain access to our business-critical systems. In addition, the high availability and redundancy built into their infrastructure and a close attention to detail and customer service were exactly what we were looking for in a data center partner.”

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