Data Centers: An Industry
Shaped by Disruption & Change

Data Centers: An Industry Shaped by Disruption and Change

The global data center industry has remained resolute and resilient, despite the adverse economic conditions across the world caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The sector has played a crucial role in ensuring access to critical information and services, as well as supporting key parts of the economy. This mission-critical industry has never been more important.

Download this report to discover how the demand for, and supply of, data center and cloud services are impacted by global social, economic and political disruption. We address it in three main sections as follows:

1. How have past disruptions shaped the direction of the industry, and what can be learned from them today?

2. How is the industry currently responding to the pandemic in terms of operations, design and planning, and how are the dynamics of supply and demand changing?

3. What are the likely medium- and long-term impacts of Covid-19 on the industry, and how will other projected disruptions, including climate crises and geopolitical conflicts, impact the sector?

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